Izumibashi Shuzo

Kanagawa Prefecture is a prefecture located south of Tokyo. For its surface
the coastal region has relatively few breweries, but some quality
their sake is not inferior to anyone.


Izumibashi is one of the
absolute toppers with a very unique profile. Started as a local
rice farmers grew the business of the Hashiba family in the last
years out to a fully integrated brewery. They polish all their
rice itself, make their sake mainly naturally (kimoto)
and bottle their fun brand “Dragonfly” with justifiable pride. izumibashi
effortlessly combines the latest technology and one of the oldest
brewing methods. With camera drones they manage their many rice fields, but
with long wooden pistils they bring it manually and rhythmically
fermentation process underway. It is a slow preparation method without
chemical additives, but the result may be there. Izumibashi’s
sakes are “next level” and can be perfectly paired with matured cheeses,
or also fried meat.