Kadoguchi Shuzoten

The Kadoguchi brewery was founded in 1869. The local sake of Okushinano “Hokko Masamune” is brewed in the snowy “Miyukino” on the border between the northern prefectures of Nagano and Niigata. The brewery has heavy snowfall up to 3 meters in the harsh winters, the moment when the sake is brewed. The quality of the water lends itself perfectly to the brewing of beautifully refined sake. “Kinmon Nishiki”, a rice that is very refined thanks to the blessed local nature and the clear cold air and the pure and abundant water that comes from the mountain. With many “Miyama Nishiki” and “Shirakaba Nishiki”, the brewmaster Mr. Mori and the brewers beautiful products.


“Hokko Masamune” is named after the Big Dipper, which sparkles in the northern night sky. Hokko Masamune is known for Honjozo, Ginjo and Daiginjo, sake to which alcohol has been added. This sake is known for their mild floral notes.