Buying tea, sake or soy sauce goes hand in hand with experience and education, because we are left with questions: “Why loose tea and not bags, that is much easier? How many degrees of alcohol is there in sake? What can I drink for stomach pain or to sleep better? Is there caffeine everywhere? What can you use soy sauce for?” We are happy to organize for you an initiation into the world of tea or sake or soy sauce, in other words a personal tasting to experience and judge for yourself what you like.

Discover our range together with your friends: simple, but varied and a good starting point to mix or experiment with everything yourself, for example dried rose petals from your garden or add fresh mint to your Japanese sencha or a lemongrass infusion. In times of online shopping, we may be homesick for contact with the product before we buy anything.

Workshop Conditions

8 – 20 participants

on the move or with us




parcels sent

Available languages:

Dutch, French,

English, German or Japanese


From 12 years, sake workshops from 18 years


Duration: 1,5-2h

Weekdays or weekends are possible

Tea Workshops

Tea Introduction

Tea and Food

Tea and cheese

Japanese tea

Japanese tea

Chinese tea

Ice tea

Tea cocktails

Sake Workshops

Sake Introduction

Sake & Food

Sake & cheese

Sake cocktails

Culinary Workshops

Cooking with soy sauce

Cooking with tea


We realize more and more that alcohol should be drunk in moderation. Because tea, just like wine, grows in different regions with different “terroire” and climate, different processing processes, you have a beautiful palette of flavors and aromas that please just as much as wine. At a party, as a bob, you are often doomed to boring sugar varieties or water poisoning. There I would like to support people and provide a tasty, healthy tea alternatives at their company event or party.

Event Conditions

We serve hot tea and ice tea at parties up to 250 people matching the menu

Tea bar with live preparation in Japanese kimono at the location of your event


Weekdays or weekends are possible