Hakutaka Shuzo

The HakutakaBrewery is located in Nishinomiya, the only area in the Nadaregion with direct access to resources with miyamizu-water. Miyamizu is particularly rich in minerals (especially potassium, sodium and phosphate) which contributes to a unique flavor profile. At the same time, the iron content of the water is 10 times lower than average. Iron is the biggest threat to the quality of any sake. Miyamizu is widely considered to be the best water for making sake. This sake has never before been used outside the


region in Japan sold, until now, at Kaori.


Hakutaka has been around for more than 100 years the only brewery that is allowed to supply sake to Ise Jingu, the oldest and most important Shinto temple in Japan. The sake is part of the sacrificial meal that priests prepare daily for the Shinto gods. The drink of the gods is Brewed with miyamizu, water from the Nada region that is historically known for its superiority. and mineral-riche sources. Prepared on traditional kimoto Wise with the best Yamada Nishiki rice, the Ise Jingu Goryoshu is a refined sake with a slightly fruity taste and a round mouthfeel. Be sure to discover the other divine sake of Hakutaka.