People seem to be finally crawling out of the corona swamp and normal life is quietly starting to start up again. Nevertheless, there are certain things that will remain unchanged: the raw material and transport costs remain high AND people have continued to find their way to online shopping. Two things that require us to abolish free shipping on our webshop. Some people see free shipping as an acquired right, but each package involves a shipping cost of 6.80€ and several hours of preparation work. Larger general webshops, as we all know them, supposedly always offer free shipping, but charge that cost in the product price per piece to the producer actually also to you. We choose to use fair product prices. That is why we choose to charge the shipping costs for each purchase amount from now on. To thank you for your understanding and to be a loyal customer, we will send a free tea tasting from a purchase of 45€. Thank you very much very dear customer.